Exotic tuna tartare served with quell egg yolk, pickled ginger, wasabi & soy sauce on beetroot and horse radish mousse.

Ingredients :

1 medium side steak of raw tuna sliced & then minced
Quell egg yolk
Lime & lime zest
Freshly chopped red chillies
Pickled ginger
Soy sauce
Dragon fruit for sweetness to finish with.

For the beetroot and horseradish mousse :
2 cooked beetroots
Horseradish cream
Squeeze of lime plus zest
Pinch of salt and sugar.

Method :

This dish do not require any cooking. Plating is the key to the fabulous results.

Mix and blitz all the ingredients together for the beetroot mousse.

With a teaspoon place the mousse in the centre of the plate and press it down with flat and round dish to get the brain effect on the plate.

Mince Tuna steak with the knife, combine with lime zest, chopped chilli, lime juice, salt, pepper and a dash of soy sauce.

Place the mixture on  the beetroot mousse and start plating using your imagination… I personally use the shapes of the ingredients to play together in a harmony. Wasabi , ginger and soy it meant to be always together but on different levels and angles , dragon fruit plays the exotic part in this dish and finishes off with a fabulous sweetness in your mouth.

Enjoy 🙂